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Microsoft Azure Elastic Pool Database - Create a limited user with select permission on one table

Recently I needed to create a very retricted user within Azure SQL using an Elastic Pool database to only access one table.

.net MVC red asterisk after Required Field via jQuery

I quite liked this piece of jQuery to put a red star after any fields which were required. (Remove the space before the word SPAN.

Change ASP.net identity default table names

Due to only having one MSSQL Database with my Webhost I like to prefix my table names to separate them.

Dynamic Sorting based on Enum and Dropdown

I come across many situations when I have multiple sort conditions, based on an enum, and I wanted a dynamic way of doing it without having to write a case statement to deal with it.

Setting Visual Studio 2013 to always start as administrator on Windows 8

This morning I finally found five minutes and looked into a problem with Visual Studio 2013 that I have had for a while, and that is when running in conjunction with IIS, if you don't start it and do 'Run as Administrator' then it wouldn't work as expected.