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How to find specific text from all stored procedures - MSSQL

We are currently making some changes to the database and needed a way of finding specific text within all the stored proceedures.

Split a comma separated string list to a list of integers in C#

Today I needed to get a list of UserIds which are stored in the web.config file, separated by commas, in one string.

ASP.net validation within nested user controls

I have many User Controls throughout my sites, one of which being a date picker that I reuse.

Check all checkboxes in a table via an onclick using jQuery

I was after some clear concise JavaScript/jQuery to Check/Uncheck all checkboxes in an ASP.net Gridview (which renders as a table). A lot of the implementations I found were using a CheckBox in the header row to make this work, but this is not what I wanted.


Last week I needed to work with the UK Standard Financial Year, based on a date being passed into a function to narrow a query down.