Being a good developer

Published on Wednesday, 15 February 2023

I'm unsure on the source, but I read this recently and I wanted to keep a note.

  1. Write code regularly.
  2. Try to get something out of every project.
  3. Don't get too attached to one technology.
  4. Be open to innovation and dialogue even with senior software developers.
  5. Learn from your colleagues and mentors.
  6. Test your skills in open-source projects.
  7. Read code and do code reviews.
  8. Write clean code.
  9. Develop your communication skills.
  10. Learn best practices from other developers.
  11. Learn how to estimate your time.
  12. Be a good team player.
  13. Share your knowledge.
  14. Try new approaches and techniques.
  15. Ask questions.
  16. Try to understand the issue you encountered.
  17. Learn from your mistakes.
  18. Be the "some new blood" in software development.
  19. Learn to anticipate.
  20. Never lose the joy of programming.