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Resize Statiq Images on Build

I was after a smart way to process my images inside Statiq so they are a uniform size, without having to use a 3rd party image manipulation program. This allows me to keep the process in one place and I won't forget about it!

Deploy Statiq to Netlify via Azure Dev Ops Pipelines

I've come to Statiq after setting up a number of sites on WYAM - and loving the process! My setup is Azure DevOps for the code, and I am hosting for free on Netlify.

Setting up a static site generated by Statiq in 2021

After enjoying my introduction into a static site generator last time out with WYAM, it's successor Statiq was my latest trial, and I was certainly not underwhelmed.

Setting up a static site generated by WYAM in 2020

This is the first in a multi-part series regarding static content generated websites and hosting a basic website.

Adding custom Claims to a .net Core 3.1 Project

Like many people, when running my .net Core 3.1 Applciation, I need to keep track of some custom properties when a user is logged in. Previously, I may have put this into a custom Session Object, but moving to Azure and .net Core, wanting to utilise the scaling up ability, whilst penny pinching (not running a Redis Server etc), this wasn't an option.